Caring Remover



(70 g)

2-in-1 Caring Remover with nourishing ingredients. It gently removes glaze and helps keep hands and toenails healthy.

Propylene carbonate, purified water, ethanol, fragrance, argan kernel oil, hydrolyzed care latin, copper tripeptide-1, butylene glycol, rosemary leaf extract, salvia leaf extract, camelgrass extract, lavender extract, matricaria Flower extract, 1,2-hexanediol, phenoxyethanol, biotin
How to Use:
1. Use a wood stick to widen the gap between the glaze and the nail, then drop 1-2 drops with the dropper.
2. Wait for a while for the remover to soak in well, and then remove it from the edge with a wood stick.
3. Repeat the previous sequence and use the remover sufficiently to remove the glaze.
*If you use the magic press or glaze or gloss immediately after using the care remover, the oil will not adhere, so wash your hands with a cleanser before use.
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Caring Remover
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