MAGIC PRESS is available in three lengths, Short, Medium, and Long, and four shapes, Square, Oval, Coffin, and Stiletto.
If not otherwise indicated, it is safe to assume that the set is Medium length.
Push back your cuticles with the wooden tool provided and wipe your nails with the included Prep Pad. Prep makes a huge difference.
No base coat is necessary, but we recommend applying our Base Shield! It contains velvet powder particles that smooth out the surface of your nails to prolong the wear of MAGIC PRESS. It also protects your nails from damage caused by hasty removal.
MAGIC PRESS already comes with an adhesive on the back, so there is no need for glue, but if you want longer wear than 7 days—you can use glue.
If you’re in between sizes, size down! If the nail exceeds the width of your nail bed, it will lift along the sides.
Unlike real nail polish, there is no wait or cure time for these! Just make sure you refrain from touching water, oils, or lotion for a few hours after application. It’s best to apply the nails before you go to bed, so that they can fully set overnight.
We recommend snuggling in the nails as close to the cuticle line as possible. This should prevent a gap from forming.
Thoroughly wipe your nails with the included Prep Pad, and wait until they are completely dry before applying MAGIC PRESS. Make sure you are not applying the nails upside down. The handle with the imprinted size number should be towards the cuticle line, and not the other way around. There are some people with naturally oilier nail beds, so that may affect adhesion as well.
No, they are made for one-time use only. Once MAGIC PRESS is removed, the adhesive on the back no longer sticks to your natural nails.
Apply an ample amount of oil (any kind!) along the cuticle, and gently push the nail off with the included wooden tool. Don’t rush with this. It helps to dip the wooden stick in oil as well.
We recommend applying our Apply our Rich Nail Serum as an overnight nail mask. It is a restorative treatment that strengthens weak, dry or brittle nails. We also recommend using Base Shield underneath MAGIC PRESS. Not only does it improve adhesion, it also protects your natural nails from any potential damage caused by MAGIC PRESS removal. It also a good idea to regularly moisturize your nails and cuticles with our Nourishing Cuticle Oil.
Keep them to mix-and-match with other sets for a customizable manicure.
Please avoid water, lotion, and oils for a few hours after application. Moreover, while our nails are durable, we always recommend taking care while having them on (i.e., wearing gloves while doing dishes, etc.). It’s also a good idea to press on the nails several times a day for 72 hours from application. The nails have a pressure sensitive adhesive, so the more you press, the better they stick.
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