Wash your hands with an oil-free soap and water (dish soap works great to remove oils from the skin and nails! This helps Glaze adhere best). Shape the nails and push back cuticles. Use the enclosed Prep Pad to remove any remaining oil and residue. Make sure your nails are completely dry before application.
No base coat is necessary, as Glaze adheres best to bare nails! As for topcoats, the finish is so shiny, you won’t need one!
If you’re in between sizes, size down! It’s always better to use a strip that is slightly smaller to avoid any overlap on the skin along the sides of the nail or cuticle line to prevent lifting
Glaze only requires 1 cure for 45 seconds.
If you notice any discomfort during curing, this may indicate a thinning or weakened nailbed. Remove your hand for a moment, and then replace to finish curing.
Glaze should be trimmed to the exact length of your natural nail prior to curing—please make sure the strip is not extending beyond your nail length, as this can cause lifting and chipping. After curing, take care to file off any remaining excess so that the strip is completely flush to your natural nail.

Tip 1: Before use, clean the cuticle line neatly. This step is important, as dead skin is a main cause of premature lifting, and hair getting caught. Carefully push back the cuticles and optionally remove your cuticles by trimming with a cuticle nipper or gently buffing them away with the included file. Then, ensure the nails are clear from oils and residue by wiping down with the included prep pad.

Tip 2: Press down all around the cuticle area and entire nail surface using the included wooden stick. Then, press and smooth the entire nail surface with your finger, making sure there is no gap between Glaze and your nail. Glaze is created with thinner edges at the cuticle for a seamless transition—it is important to apply the strip with the cuticle side toward the cuticle (this is indicated on the plastic backing).

To remove GLAZE, apply cuticle oil (such as our Nourishing Cuticle Oil) to the base of the nail. Using a manicure stick, gently and slowly lift the nail strip from the corner of the cuticle area. Saturate the nail with additional oil to help loosen the adhesive. After a few moments, gently and slowly lift off the Glaze from your nail by pushing from the cuticle line toward the tip of the nail with the wooden stick. Do not rush! If you feel any tension, apply more oil, and allow more time for the adhesive to dissolve.
Oh no! We recommend applying our Rich Nail Serum as an overnight nail mask. It is a restorative treatment that strengthens weak, dry or brittle nails. It is also a good idea to regularly moisturize your nails and cuticles with our Nourishing Cuticle Oil. Please allow any damage to grow out prior to applying your next set to prevent further weakening of the nailbed.
We recommend waiting a few days in between sets to give your nails some time to breathe. Applying a new set right away without taking a break may affect adhesion.
Use our care line to treat your nails! Make sure to also regularly moisturize your hands and nails with lotion and oils.
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